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150mm Handheld Split Diopter

150mm Handheld Split Diopter

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Prism Lens 1st of its kind 150mm Handheld Split Diopter is a tool every photographer & cinematographer needs in their kit. Go handheld or mount and craft stunning in camera FX, refractions, bokeh and more. Give any project a unique texture and add a little extra depth and texture to your images and frames.


  • 150mm Diopter - LARGE ENOUGH FOR ANY LENS
  • Creates Blurry Refraction FX
  • 2 Finger Handle, easily hold in front of the lens to manipulate the effect
  • +2 Diopter Strength
  • Mount for classic Split Diopter Dual Plane Focus Effect
  • Recommended Focal Length (35mm - 85mm) / More Telephoto
  • Recommended Aperture (2.8 / 2 / 1.4)
  • Photo or Video

Product contains

  • 1x Prism Lens 150mm Handheld Split Diopter
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