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Lucid Dream FX Filter

Lucid Dream FX Filter

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It is no secret that the "Dream FX Filters" are Prism Lens FX most popular filters. For the longest time, they wanted to expand the "Dream" lineup of filters by creating a "STRONGER" version for those looking to create a more stylized and cinematic softening effect. With their new "LUCID DREAM FX" which is the boldest, strongest, and softest filter they offer, they have done that! They hit the drawing board and completely redesigned their glass coating to feature a sparkle-like coating & texture to which allows for an even "Dreamier" effect.


  • Available in 77mm, 82mm, 95mm Rotating Filters and 4x5.65 Matte Box Filter.
  • Creates a cinematic softness to your images/footage.
  • Reduces Blemishes and imperfections in skin tones.
  • Works on all focal lengths
  • Results may vary (lighting conditions/aperture/settings all play into the strength of effect)

Product contains

  • 1x Prism Lens FX Lucid Dream FX Filter
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