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Multi Filter Case

Multi Filter Case

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Prism Lens FX designed a filter pouch specially for photographers & filmmakers who use circular FX filters in their creative work. It features a unique and practical design that make it easy to store and quickly access your preferred circular FX filters (58mm to 82mm).


  • Five-Filter Capacity: The pouch is equipped to hold up to five circular FX filters, allowing you to conveniently organize and transport your filter collection in one place.
  • Padded Protection: To ensure the safety of your valuable filters, the pouch is padded. This padding provides a protective barrier against potential impacts or scratches that could damage your filters.
  • Quick Access: The pouch is designed for quick access to your filters, so you can change them swiftly when needed, without fumbling or wasting time searching for the right one.
  • Compatibility:** This case is specifically designed for flat filters, such as Dream FX and Starburst FX filters. It is important to note that it does not accommodate larger filters that have protruding glass elements, like Halo or Kaleidoscope filters

Product contains

  • 1x Prism Lens FX Multi Filter Case
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