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Nostalgia FX Filter

Nostalgia FX Filter

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Their new Nostalgia FX Filter is a combination of a classic warming filter and our popular Dream FX Filter. This unique pairing works to create an overall warmer look, while also softening highlights & skin tones. Prism Lens FX designed the chemistry of the glass to give a signature “warm & rich look” which is then further complimented with their Dream FX texture infused into the filter's glass itself. This is the perfect filter for those who want to create that “vintage/nostalgic” look in camera! 


  • Available in 77mm, 82mm Rotating Filters and 4x5.65 Matte Box Filter.
  • Softens & blooms the image highlights while warming them and the overall image as well
  • Reduces Blemishes and imperfections in skin tones while warming them with a glow. A warming-tinted diffusion filter
  • Works on all focal lengths
  • Results may vary (lighting conditions/aperture/settings all play into the strength of effect)

Product contains

  • 1x Prism Lens FX Nostalgia FX Filter
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