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Chromatic Flare FX Filter

Chromatic Flare FX Filter

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Create beautiful chromatic aberrational flare with Prism Lens FX unique Chromatic Flare FX Filter. It always gives you something new and different depending on the type of light that hits the filter. For even more of an insane Chromatic Flare affect, try the Prism Lens FXDouble Chromatic Flare.


  • Available in 77mm & 82mm Rotating Filters.
  • Double Chromatic Flare is available in 77mm and 82mm only.
  • Creates unique colorful “Anamorphic” / “Streak” flares
  • Recommended to be used with telephoto lenses (50mm or greater)
  • Recommended Aperture (2.8 / 2 / 1.4)
  • Photo or Video

Product contains

  • 1x Prism Lens FX Chromatic Flare FX Filter
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