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First Digi Tether Cable USB-C

First Digi Tether Cable USB-C

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We are proud to present your our first in house developed and produced tether cable. Months of planning, prototyping and testing until we finally came up with a professional tether cable that fits our level for absolute quality and durability. The cable has one straight and one angled connector, works bidirectional and doesn't need a booster box or additional power supply thanks to the up to date chipset. Made by professionals, for professionals. 


  • 4,8 m (15,7 feet⁠)
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C⁠
  • 5Gb/s Realistic Transer Rate (tested) ⁠
  • 100W (20V/5A) Power Delivery⁠
  • Display Port Compatible⁠
  • Metal Protected Connectors ⁠
  • 1x Straight Connector⁠
  • 1x 90° Connector⁠
  • Bidirectional⁠

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1x USB-C Tether Cable

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Works with all cameras using USB Type C Connectors. 
We reccomend using our cables with the latest Firmware of CaptureOne Pro and your camera.

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